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2018 New Generation Preamplifier Console is coming soon..........

TPC-1HP Tube Preamplifier Console:   Suggested Retail Price  USD$ 6,000/ set

Reference Series

2018 New Generation Preamplifier Console is coming soon.................

  • Seperated Power Supplier
  • GZ34 rectifier tube power supply
  • Comprehensive manual supplied
  • Hand wired point to point
  • Class A Triode front end Output circuit
  • Wide Frequency Respnose / Low Distortion Tertiary custom output transformers  (10Hz to 65KHz)
  • Exclusive "Closing Coupled Circuit" for our tailor-made output transformers  
  • 3 potted transformers to reduce transformer noise
  • Japan ALPS Blue volume pot
  • Jensen Hi Fi quality audio capacitors
  • DCT3 SIP Silver Ion Plated 6N OCC power cord 
  • DCT3 Pure Silver or SIP Silver Ion Plated PTFE audio cable
  • Double silver plated, double rhodium plated DCT INPUT & OUTPUT, GROUNDING terminals
  • DCT INPUT RCA x 2 and OUTPUT RCA terminals x 2 and XLR x 1 which are 4N OFHC with inner silver layer is 1.5 microns thickness and the outer rhodium layer is 0.5 microns thickness   
  • 1.2 Watts power output for Headphone
  • DCT IEC power input 
  • High technology soldering process with  LEAD-FREE 2% SILVER SOLDER  ensures consistency