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MSRP:    $200 / 8 Foot      $250 / 10 Foot      $300 / 12 Foot



INCRECABLE RAINFOREST speaker cables minimize resistance by using a sufficient number of parallel runs of wire to equal the equivalent of 12 gauge. We have determined empirically that iSOUND speaker cables is required to work effectively with a broad range of amplifiers and speakers. We offer a cost-reduced version of iSOUND series for more efficient or low-budget systems, it will variably be installed in low efficiency systems, resulting in powerful and an audible dynamics.

Length: 8.0 Foot / 10 Foot / 12 Foot
Construction: 2 x LCHC
Conductors: 4N OHFC
Insulation: PET
Dielectric constant: 1.25 (avg over cable length)
Capacitance: 15 pF/ft
Inductance: 0.93 uH/ft
Nominal current: 10A
LCHC factor: 75%