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INCRECABLE Authorized Dealer and Warranty Statement 

INCRECABLE is firmly committed to providing our customers with best in class, reliable products through authorized dealers. Our policy is to honor product
warranties and to perform services only on products purchased from an authorized INCRECABLE dealer. If you purchase an INCRECABLE product from an unauthorized dealer or if the original factory serial number has been removed, defaced or altered, your INCRECABLE warranty will not be valid. 

There are many websites and dealers who claim to be an authorized INCRECABLE resellers but they are not. Products sold on these websites or from
these dealers do not carry a warranty from INCRECABLE. Purchasing INCRECABLE products from such entities could be risky as the products may be counterfeit, used, defective, or may not be designed for use in your country. Please protect yourself and your INCRECABLE product by ensuring that you purchase INCRECABLE products from an Authorized INCRECABLE Dealer.